WWE Rumors: 'Monday Night Raw' Star Might Be Getting Face Turn After Loss At 'TLC,' Report Speculates

After well over a year wrestling on WWE's main roster as a heel, Monday Night Raw superstar Andrade reportedly appears to be teasing a shift to a heroic role following his defeat against Humberto Carrillo at the TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs pay-per-view on Sunday night.

As reported by WrestlingNews.co, TLC saw "more trouble" brewing between Andrade and his manager, Zelina Vega, as the pair had another disagreement after the former lost his pre-show match against Carrillo. In a separate recap, Sportskeeda noted that this altercation ended when Andrade told Vega that he was "done" with her, walking out of the ring by himself.

After the show, Carrillo commented about his big win over Andrade in an interview with WWE backstage reporter Sarah Schreiber. Carrillo suggested that Vega just might be trying to help him, instead of her actual client.

"You know, based on what happened last week, I don't know if Zelina is there to help Andrade or help me. Who knows?"
Considering that Andrade has also lost multiple matches to Carrillo in recent weeks, WrestlingNews.co speculated that WWE might be building toward a face turn for the former NXT Champion -- his first since his May 2018 main-roster debut. The publication also noted that Carrillo's interview could be the "first tease" for Vega taking over as his manager, though it wasn't made clear whether this could herald a double-turn, one wherein the 24-year-old former cruiserweight competitor would switch to a villainous role for the first time since signing with WWE last year.

Andrade (R) blocks a kick attempt from Humberto Carrillo (L) during their kickoff match at WWE TLC 2019.

As of this writing, it isn't clear what the future may hold for Andrade, Vega, and Carrillo -- at least as far as their ongoing storyline is concerned. Late in November, Cultured Vultures wrote that Andrade might have already started transitioning to a good-guy role, something which lines up with rumors that WWE has long been grooming the Mexican superstar as a young talent who could make an impact with Spanish-speaking viewers. On the other hand, the publication added that the 30-year-old hasn't won any championships on the main roster, which could make it hard for WWE to book him as the next big Latin American babyface.

Regarding the other two people involved in the storyline, WrestlingNews.co brought up Carrillo's status as one of Monday Night Raw executive director Paul Heyman's favorites, thus explaining the decent push he's gotten since making his red brand debut via the WWE Superstar Draft in October. Sportskeeda, meanwhile, offered some speculation of its own regarding Vega's creative direction, suggesting that there's also a chance she could be asked to manage real-life husband Aleister Black if she and Andrade end their onscreen working relationship.