December 15, 2019
'Counting On' Season Finale Preview: Maternity Photo Shoot & Grandma Duggar's Funeral

It was a year of good times and bad for the Duggar family, and the season finale of TLC's Counting On will have both in the same episode. On Tuesday, December 17, the final show of Season 10 will air with some pregnancy news and a final farewell to Grandma Mary Duggar after she suddenly passed away on June 9, 2019, from a drowning accident. Some of the details may be revealed during the segment and the funeral will also be shown.

The loss of Grandma Duggar was quite shocking, especially the way she died. The family will say their goodbyes to her with many tears and happy memories, as the previews revealed after last week's episode.

TV Guide also previewed that Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo will get the news just as they are getting ready for their big move to Los Angeles, California, from their home in Laredo, Texas. They will pack up and immediately head back to Arkansas to be with family.

However, the sadness will be mixed in with the joy of new babies coming in the Duggar family. The season finale of Counting On will also show the maternity photo shoot with the four pregnant women: Joy, Kendra, Anna, and Lauren. Jessa already gave birth to Ivy Jane by then, but she and her baby girl will be snapped as well.

As seen in the previews, there is another surprise coming in this episode. While the girls were posing for the pictures, a car drives up. At first, they think that maybe it's Jinger in the vehicle, but they quickly realize that it's actually Abbie Duggar, who announces that she is also pregnant. She is added into the maternity photo shoot.

There has been no mention of Joy's unfortunate miscarriage so far this season. She and Austin Forsyth lost their baby girl, Annabelle, when she was 20 weeks along in her pregnancy. The episodes leading up to the finale had all been filmed when she was still expecting. There hasn't been any mention so far on their loss since then.

Joy and Austin just moved from living in a RV into a new house that they just bought and fixed up. The reality stars shared their excitement over their new living arrangements and having a new permanent place to call home.

Duggar fans will need tissues as they watch the season finale of Counting On this coming Tuesday. There will be plenty of both tears of sadness and tears of joy.