Kevin Hunter Is 'Furious' About Wendy Williams Talking Smack About Him On Her Show, Inside Sources Say

Wendy Williams filed for divorce from her husband of over two decades, Kevin Hunter, this past April. Since then, she hasn't hesitated to call him out in the media and on her show. Now, Hunter is reportedly furious that their private issues have been made public, inside sources say according to Celebrity Insider.

Williams is famous for her love of drama and is apparently not afraid to call out her former husband on her television program, The Wendy Williams Show. She has put him on blast for being unfaithful to her and poked fun at his girlfriend whom he shares a baby girl with. This has deeply angered her soon-to-be officially ex-husband, inside sources say. They even mentioned that Hunter wants to find a way to keep Williams from speaking about him publicly.

"Kevin's furious, he claims that Wendy promised him that their divorce would not become a hot topic on her show. No one has sympathy for him though, what did he expect, she's a public person and a very outspoken person. And this is probably just the beginning, she's finally woken up to the truth, and she's mad as hell. Kevin is anxious about what Wendy will say next about him on her show, to the point where he wants to try and block her from speaking about him."
The way that Williams has gotten away with speaking about Hunter on her show is that she doesn't use his name while bashing him. Nevertheless, it's always clear exactly who she's referring to.Even though it's been months since the pair officially split, their divorce has been messy and is taking a lot longer than Williams had hoped. It's an increasingly complicated situation because Hunter used to work for her as the executive producer of her show. He has since been fired and is reportedly looking for a hefty severance package.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, other inside sources have said that the tense divorce proceedings have been wearing on Williams, who is growing increasingly stressed out. Hunter hasn't made this process easy and Williams simply wants to move on with her life and leave this behind her.

The source went on to explain that although Williams keeps it together on set and always appears upbeat on her show, those close to her can see how much the divorce has been taking a toll on her mood.