December 16, 2019
Chris Brown's Ex, Ammika Harris, Reportedly Wanted To Wait Until She Was Fully Ready To Show Their Son, Aeko

Chris Brown's ex, Ammika Harris, reportedly had reservations about sharing their son, Aeko Catori, with the world.

According to Hollywood Life, the former couple waited 21 days before they decided to share their newborn son on Instagram with their combined millions of followers. The outlet reports that, initially, Brown was more than excited to share his son online and on social media.

A source told the outlet that, while Brown was ready, he wanted to make sure that his ex was "fully on board," as he knew that once Aeko was shown to his fans, there would be no turning back. Knowing this reportedly didn't stop Brown from hinting that he was expecting a baby, or that he had a son once Aeko arrived on November 20, 2019.

Harris had her own views on how she would share her special news with her fans. A source revealed to Hollywood Life that Harris was receiving comments surrounding her pregnancy that made her uncomfortable with sharing the news with her audience. Harris was also attempting to be as private as possible as she recovered from her pregnancy.

"Ammika had been receiving so much support from fans, but there were also those pushing her to reveal whether or not she had given birth," the insider said.

"Ammika is not one to be pressured and she has always stood up for herself. It got to be frustrating at a time when she is celebrating the most incredible moment of her life. Ammika is such a strong woman and she's all about positivity. She simply didn't want anyone's negativity to drown out her joy. Revealing Aeko to the world with Chris was a way to shut down all the noise and she truly couldn't be any happier."

Brown and Harris kept fans guessing for months if and when they were having their child together. Harris decided not to share any of her maternity photos with her Instagram followers, but has since shared some photos with her fans since Aeko has been born.

The two also shared Aeko's first photo on their respective Instagram pages. The newborn is seen resting on a bed wearing a white and blue onesie in the adorable Instagram photo.

Aeko is Brown's second child. The "Run It" singer currently has one daughter, Royalty, 5-years-old, whom he shares with Nia Guzman. This is Harris' first child. While she and Brown both seem to be happy with their new bundle of joy, neither have confirmed if they have rekindled their romance as well.