Dwayne Johnson & Kevin Hart Crash Random Screening Of 'Jumanji: The Next Level' In Los Angeles

Trisha Faulkner

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart gave fans of the Jumanji franchise a real treat when they randomly crashed a screening of Jumanji: The Next Level at an AMC theater in Los Angeles over the weekend.

The Rock took to Instagram Saturday to share a nearly four minute video clip of himself and Hart hanging out with some of movie's fans.

The clip kicked off with Kevin welcoming the audience to the theater. He then went over all of the basic rules of watching a movie, which included turning off phones and staying silent. The clip transitioned to showing the audience's reaction as many started to wildly look around the theater to see if they could spot the actor.

Dwayne takes over and encourages the audience to make sure they laugh harder and louder at his jokes in the film than they do Kevin's.

Then, Dwayne tells Kevin to "stay away from the popcorn" while he is enjoying the movie this evening because it makes him gassy. After arguing that popcorn doesn't make him gassy, Hart then bans Johnson from eating Milk Duds during the movie. Kevin explains that Johnson smacks his lips the entire time he eats them. The duo then proceed to argue about the candy.

After they finish arguing, they make their way out into the audience where they immediately start arguing again over who the audience loves more.

In an effort to prove he loves the audience more, Dwayne says he has Jumanji swag to share with everyone. His crew starts passing out T-shirts, toys and other Jumanji trinkets to the audience.

So, Kevin revealed he would be showering the audience with snacks galore. He said the audience could have candy, popcorn, drinks, nachos and more. He explained he wanted to give them something they could actually use while watching the movie.

The clip comes to a close with Kevin and Dwayne playfully going head-to-head once more. Kevin wishes everyone a "Merry Christmas" before Dwayne adds "Happy Kwanzaa." The duo then proceed to argue over whether that should have come before or after "Merry Christmas."

The Rock tries to shut down the argument by telling Kevin he's ruining it. Dwayne turns and calls attention to the angry Santa on the wall and notes that it is the perfect picture of Kevin. The clip ends with Kevin questioning why anyone would make a picture of an angry Santa in the first place.

Jumanji: The Next Level is currently playing in theaters.