Young Bae Rocks A Suit Dress With Slits

Black Ink Crew's Young Bae shared a new Instagram photo with her fans today. In said photo, she wore a shiny, turquoise suit dress with slits on the front.

The outfit also featured large, structured shoulders that gave it a vintage-inspired feel, also boasting small lapels and a low neckline. This choice of hemline left her cleavage largely exposed. Bae's black bra also peeked through, while the two slits in the front left her upper thighs on display. The placement of the slits -- and the nature of her pose -- meant that part of her leg tattoo was showing.

The stunner wore her hair piled up into an elegant bun with plenty of volume. Meanwhile, her makeup included tons of color. Her eyes glowed with shimmery pink eyeshadow, with a splash of silver being evident on her inner lids. She also wore light pink lipstick and sported heavy pink blush. Her accessories glittered, and she rocked drop earrings alongside a short choker-style necklace.

Bae was seen posing in front of an entirely white backdrop. She placed her hands on her hips, revealing her dark manicure, and propped her right foot out. She lifted her chin slightly and parted her lips for a sultry look.

She tagged seven people in the photo, including her hairstylist, Tamara Laureus. Bae is prominently featured on Tamara's Instagram page, and it's clear that the reality TV star trusts this artist to do many of her elaborate looks. Another stylist named Jordan was also tagged, and Jordan's feed is filled with photos of the bombshell, too. In addition, Bae also gave props to her makeup artist, Latisha Jordan.

The photo was taken in a professional studio, and she was bathed in bright light. This left her skin looking glowing and flawless.

Fans left their compliments for the tattoo artist in the comments section.

"U are.flawless Doll," raved an admirer.

"D*mn girl you are killing these photos," wrote a second follower.

"Bae..... you are so unstoppable," noted a third fan.

"Exactly, and u look absolutely gorgeous boo," expressed a fourth Instagram user.

Previously, Bae had been spotted in another suit-inspired look. She was seen going braless under a floral jacket. Said jacket was bright blue with pink flowers, and she was seen tugging at her lapels in this shot. She wore her hair up in two side buns, and rocked a black veil that fell in front of her face. Her bright red lipstick popped in the image, along with her dark blush. The tattoo artist completed her look with mesh fingerless gloves in pink.