‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease That Lynn Herring Returns As Lucy Coe

General Hospital star Lynn Herring at Nurses Ball.
Michael Yada / ABC Press

Lucy Coe hasn’t been seen on General Hospital since October, but fans will be delighted to learn that she will be back soon and ready to take on Port Charles once again. Actress Lynn Herring is expected to be back on-screen on January 9, according to SheKnows Soaps.

What will bring Lucy back? The person who she wants to see will likely be Sasha Gilmore. Lucy has been trying her best to convince Michael’s girlfriend to sign on to be the new face of her perfume line, Deception. She had previously tried talking her into it, but that was right after the Nina blow up and Sasha wasn’t ready to move forward with that. Lucy told her that she didn’t care about her lying about being Nina’s daughter, but Sasha wasn’t biting.

General Hospital spoilers for this upcoming week from Soap Central indicate that Lucy will annoy Sasha once again. Since the other soap site indicated that Lynn Herring wouldn’t be on air until next month, this new spoiler may not have Lucy in person to annoy Sasha. This could just be a phone call for now.

Lucy is very insistent most times. She most likely won’t take no for an answer. Michael seemed to be okay with it as long as it’s what Sasha wants. If she says no another time, this may be what brings Lucy back in person to get a yes from her.

Sasha may have another problem to deal with that is much bigger than Lucy Coe. Nelle Benson, Michael’s dangerous ex, is temporarily out of prison and recovering at General Hospital. As the weekly spoilers from The Inquisitr had teased, Nelle seems to have a plan to stay out of Pentonville. What does she have in mind?

Nelle was not too happy to hear that Michael is seeing someone seriously. Sasha could be in danger, especially if she agrees to work for Lucy and has her face plastered everywhere. That would add fuel to the fire when it comes to Nelle. Michael and Sasha’s relationship has blossomed in recent weeks. He stood by her even after she confessed to lying about being Nina’s daughter. He also knows that it was Valentin who set the whole thing up, but Sasha made him promise to keep it a secret.

There is no word on how long Lucy Coe will hang around this time. If Sasha does agree to the modeling gig, Lucy may be seen more often on General Hospital as she tries to get Deception back up and running.