Joel Osteen Could Join Kanye West To Take His Sunday Service On Tour

Helen Storms

Popular pastor and motivational speaker Joel Osteen has become an unexpected friend to rapper Kanye West. The pair have come together as pals as the result of West's new church performances. Now there is talk of an upcoming possible new collaboration between the two. According to TMZ, it would involve Osteen joining West during his popular Sunday Services.

The entertainment outlet reports that Osteen and West are considering doing a national tour. The next major location for a scheduled performance is Yankee Stadium on May 2, 2020. After that, the two are reportedly looking into Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago for the fall. During these performances, Osteen will be preaching, while West and his Sunday Service choir will handle the music.

Inside sources tell TMZ that Osteen and West have become so close that they've been talking on a regular basis. The Yankee Stadium performance in May won't be the first time the rapper and pastor have collaborated. As The Inquistr previously reported, West met up with Osteen at his Houston-based church in November. Kim Kardashian's husband spoke with Osteen and later performed with his choir.

West went into detail about what he thinks it means to be a Christian, emphasizing that it doesn't mean that everyone who follows Christ is going to be perfect all the time.

"They'll hit you sometimes. Sometimes you'll go ahead and just pour that drink and then repent for it. We all fall short of the glory. Christians are not going to be Christ. We are going to follow Christ and be Christ-like and repent for our sins. We all have sins, it's another thing to be selling drugs in a children's parking lot."

"The devil stole all the good producers, all the good musicians, all the good artists, all the good designers," he said.

West recently released a new album called Jesus is King which details his faith journey.