Lauren Drain Flaunts Her Baby Bump In Mini Dress And Thigh-High Boots For 'Expectations Vs. Reality' Video

Lauren Drain, the popular fitness model who bears the unofficial title of the "World's Sexiest Nurse," hasn't let pregnancy keep her from rocking the sexy looks that she's so fond of, including killer high heel boots. However, she filmed a video that proves that looking stylish with a heavy baby bump isn't always easy.

On Sunday, Lauren shared a hilarious pregnancy-themed "Expectations vs. Reality" video on her Instagram page. The beginning of the video was meant to show her followers what she thinks she looks like when she sashays around with her pregnant belly. For the shoot, the stylish social media sensation rocked a white, skintight mini dress. Over her dress, she wore a white long-sleeved crop top with a twist detail in the center of the bust. She completed her ensemble with a pair of black thigh-high suede boots.

Lauren wore her waist-length blond tresses styled half-up. Her high ponytail had hair wrapped around its base to give it added height. The rest of her hair tumbled down her chest and back in soft waves.

Lauren was shown walking away from a shiny black Lamborghini in slow motion as rock music played. She gave the camera a flirty look as she played with her hair and confidently strutted her stuff.

For the "reality" segment of her video, Lauren replaced the sexy rock music with circus music, and the mother-to-be demonstrated what it really feels like to walk around while heavily pregnant. She slowly hobbled back and forth with her legs spread. She had a pained expression on her face, and she kept yanking the bottom of her mini dress down to keep it from riding up. The video ended with a close-up shot of her popped belly button.

Some of Lauren's Instagram followers who have experienced the joys of pregnancy responded to her post by letting her know that they feel her pain. A number of the model's fans also reassured her that she still looks amazing, even if her bump is making her waddle around.

"Haha that's hilarious! Been there. But you look better than 99% of us-even 7+(?) months pregnant!" read one response to her video.

"Prettyyy much," wrote another fan. "I know I started to wobble about this far into my pregnancy."

"That's funny, you still look good," read a third comment.

"Omg!!! Your sexy either way!!! Sexy mom goals!!!" a fourth admirer remarked.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lauren has revealed that her due date is January 11. She and her husband, David Kagan, are having a daughter, and they've already picked out a name for their little girl: Aria Skye Kagan.