December 15, 2019
Donald Trump Attacks Nancy Pelosi's Teeth, Claims In Sunday Tweet They Were 'Falling Out Of Her Mouth'

As the impeachment process against him in the House of Representatives pushes toward a vote in the full House, Donald Trump has unleashed an unprecedented flurry of tweets. On Thursday alone, he posted 123 messages to Twitter, including retweets. That total was more than Trump had posted in any given week since his inauguration almost three years ago. But on Sunday, Trump posted an especially bizarre attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

In the tweet, as quoted by The Washington Post, Trump ridiculed Pelosi, claiming — falsely — that her teeth were falling out.

Trump in the tweet was commenting on a retweet by Mark Meadows, the North Carolina representative who has been among Trump's most outspoken boosters in Congress. In the retweet, Meadows posted a video of Pelosi at a press conference last week in which she explained why Democrats did not include "bribery" in the articles of impeachment against Trump. Instead, the two articles accuse Trump of "abuse of power," and "obstruction of Congress."

Pelosi said that the decision to omit "bribery" was made on the recommendation of Democratic committee chairs and lawyers. But Meadows commented, "because it wasn't true."

That led to Trump's response, in which he did not defend himself against the bribery allegation, instead ridiculing Pelosi's teeth.

"Because Nancy's teeth were falling out of her mouth, and she didn't have time to think!" Trump wrote.

The video of Pelosi posted by Meadows, as seen above on this page, shows no evidence of Pelosi's teeth coming loose. However, according to an analysis by the news site Raw Story, Pelosi was actually "sucking on either a cough drop or a mint" as she spoke to the media in the press conference.

But Trump missed the "cough drop" and concluded that Pelosi's dentures were coming loose as she spoke.

Trump, however, has also experienced what some commentators said were denture problems while speaking. In particular, during a White House address about Israel on December 6, 2017, Trump audibly slurred his words, while appearing to struggle with his teeth somehow, as seen in the video below.

As New York Magazine reported, the 2017 incident was not even the first example of media speculation over Trump's possible dentures. The New York report cited two earlier media reports in which witnesses claim to have seen molds of Trump's false teeth.

The strange and seemingly petty tweet about Pelosi's alleged denture issues was not Trump's only attack on Democrats Sunday. In another tweet, he claimed that Democratic House reps who supported his impeachment were being "absolutely decimated" in their home districts by voters who were "literally screaming in their faces." But Trump cited no specific examples of such screaming incidents.