December 15, 2019
Jojo Babie Puts On White Thong & Decorates A Christmas Tree

Jojo Babie shared a new Instagram update today with her fans, and it showed her getting into the holiday spirit. She was seen posing in a white lingerie set as she decorated her Christmas tree.

The ensemble that she wore consisted of basic, white pieces. Her bra had thin straps while her thong had writing on the waistband. She faced her back to the camera and stood on her toes, which accentuated her legs. Meanwhile, her bare booty was on full display. Jojo wore her hair down in luxurious curls that cascaded down to her lower back. There was no doubt that she was feeling the Christmas vibe, as she also rocked a Santa's hat.

Jojo was seen looking back at the camera with a big smile on her face. Meanwhile, she held ornaments in both hands. Her makeup included blush and pink lipstick.

The tree that she was seen decorating was lit up brightly with lights. The main color theme was red and gold, with ribbons and ornaments throughout. In addition, a gold ribbon was wrapped around the tree from the base all the way to the top. It was also no ordinary Christmas tree, as it was flocked, meaning it looked like there was snow on the leaves.

The main wall behind her was a deep red, which seemed to match the tree and the model's hat. A white dog could be seen laying on the ground. It appeared to be looking at Jojo as she posed for the photo. There was also a flatscreen TV mounted on the wall.

Fans had plenty to say in the comments section.

"That's the gift i want for christmas," wrote a follower, with many others saying the same thing.

"Perfect all around! Best Holiday photo!" gushed an admirer.

"Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree! You are are just so beautiful!" exclaimed a fan.

"Wow I can look for hours at that gorgeous Christmas tree," declared a fourth Instagram user.

Previously, the bombshell shared another update where she flaunted her booty in leggings. She stood by a kitchen counter and held up a plate of three frosted donuts. In the captions, Jojo shared the recipe for the treats, which called for 1st Phorm protein powder. The bottle was placed on the counter behind her, as she glanced over her left shoulder with a smile. She raised her left hand by her hair while rocking glossy lipstick and a small cat-eye.