December 15, 2019
Sommer Ray Shows Off Her Makeup-Free Face In A Sports Bra

Sommer Ray shared a new Instagram post with her followers today. The photo set had five pictures in total, and the model was seen showing off her makeup-free face while rocking workout gear.

The blonde was seen wearing her hair up in a messy bun and accessorized with a light gray headband. Her brand's logo was in the center, which was a yellow sun with her initials. Meanwhile, her look included a basic sports bra with thin straps and a pair of gray sweatpants. She noted in the captions that she was makeup-free — and notably, her skin still looked flawless.

The first two photos of the set were similar, as Sommer posed with her body angled towards the camera. She was seen raising her hands by her headband while giving a soft smile, and she later tilted her head to the left in a flirty way. Her multiple rings were easily spotted, along with her gold bracelet.

The third photo showed the stunner leaning forward slightly with her hands in her pockets. She was seen smiling widely. And while the next photo was of her giving a sultry look with her lips parted, the final shot was all about her goofy side. The model was seen licking her nose as she raised her left hand by her face.

And as she does sometimes, Sommer posed in such a way to leave her birthmark on full display. It's located on her left arm and extends to her hands.

Some fans had questions about the birthmark and mentioned it in the comments section. One message, in particular, garnered almost 200 likes with Sommer taking the time to respond.

"Does she usually cover her birthmark with foundation? It's so interesting I'm surprised I never noticed," wrote a fan.

"I never cover it boo it's just on the opposite side of my 'good side' hahah you can see if in most of my pcs if you look hard lol," replied the model.

Others were busy gushing over her good looks.

"Def fangirl over you all the time," admitted a follower.

"You're freaking smileeeee = myfavoritethinginthewholeentireworld," raved an admirer.

"Sommer you are so utterly beautiful," declared a fourth Instagram user.

In addition, the bombshell shared another update a few days ago that showed her rocking a sports bra. This time, however, she wore a matching set with a pair of booty shorts. The ensemble featured a bright design with peaches. There were whole fruits mixed with sliced fruit. At the same time, Sommer was seen biting into a real peach for the shot.