December 15, 2019
Rumors of James Duggar Courting Kendra's Sister, Lauren Caldwell, Are Swirling After 'Counting On' Clip

There haven't been any courtships in the Duggar family for a while now, and fans are ready for an announcement soon. There are four boys in the family that could be ready to find a girl. There is also Jana, who is older and still single. TLC just put out a new clip that has people talking about a possible courtship between 18-year-old James and Lauren Caldwell, 19, the younger sister of Kendra Duggar.

Lauren appears to have become quite close with the family ever since Kendra started courting her husband, Joe Duggar. The married couple already has two kids now, which means that Lauren is around a lot more. She was in charge of the gender reveal party for Joe and Kendra for their second child, Addison, a few months ago. TLC just shared a clip on Sunday on their Facebook page showing Lauren baking a little smash cake for her nephew, Garrett, to dig into for his first birthday, which was in June. It was also the gender reveal cake for his baby sister. Joe's siblings, James and Jenni, went over to the Caldwells to help Lauren with the cake.

James explained in the clip that he hangs out with Lauren quite a bit because he hangs out with Joe and Kendra. Lauren is also around the couple, and that means he gets to hang out with her as well. James called it a "friend group." While that sounds like a legit reason that they could both just be having fun hanging out, there was one strong hint in the video that has fans convinced that they are much more than just friends.

As James opened the oven slightly to check on the cake, Lauren came over to check on it as well. The camera zeroed in on their hands touching on the oven door. That seemed to be a sure sign that something is up between them, according to fans.

"This is totally looking like a Duggar date!" one person said in the comments.

"Budding romance maybe? They are so cute," another fan said.

Lauren Caldwell was rumored to be possibly courting James' older brother Jason, 19, and that still could be true. One follower of the Duggar family mentioned that James could just be the chaperone for Jason and Lauren. However, there was another hint on Joe and Kendra's birth episode recently showing Lauren getting mighty close to James as he was holding baby Addison. Jason was standing there as well, but not as close to her.

The rumors are definitely heating up, and fans are pretty sure that there will be an announcement coming very soon. Tuesday, December 17, is the season finale of TLC's Counting On. In the past, there have been courtship announcements during the show. You just never know if there will be a surprise in store.