Sofia Jamora Shows Off Cleavage In Revealing Crop Top On Instagram

Sofia Jamora showed off her cleavage in a new Instagram post today. The post consisted of two photos, and she was seen rocking a revealing crop top and denim.

The model appeared to be photographed in a club, as she stood in a dark room with purple laser lights in the background. The top that she wore was light blue with a floral design. It had two lapel-like pieces, with the front clipping together under her chest. There was a strand of fabric that fell down her midriff, which almost reached her belly button. She paired this with a pair of light denim jeans, which were high-waisted.

The stunner wore her hair down in luxurious waves, and she was seen playing with a strand in the first photo. Sofia also glanced at the camera while tilting her head to the right, and she gave a flirty pout. Her face was a little blurry in the shot, but it was still possible to see that she sported a heavy cat-eye, shimmery eyeshadow, and glossy lipstick. She added some color to her cheeks with blush.

Sofia slung a silver handbag over her left shoulder, which was completely bedazzled. She didn't wear any other visible accessories, although she wore a bright yellow wristband.

The second photo offered a different view of the bombshell. She was seen standing with her body angled toward the camera, as she looked into the distance to her right. She smiled with her lips closed and wore her hair mostly behind her back. The background was lit up in a neon pink glow, with pink and purple laser beams lighting up the space behind her.

Fans left plenty of nice messages for the model in the comments section.

"How does it feel to be the baddest," complimented an admirer.

"Absolutely love your cute blue outfit!!" raved a follower.

"You look absolutely incredible," declared a fan.

"Sheesh you look amazing in anything Madam Sofia whew keep stylin on em," wrote a fourth Instagram user.

Previously, Sofia shared an update that was all about her cleavage. Except this time, she showed off her curves under an unbuttoned suit. She was seen posing outdoors while going shirtless. Her hair was slicked back into a high bun, and she wore multi-layered necklaces of varying lengths. The blonde stood next to a concrete wall by a line of thin trees, and she placed her hand on her hips. She gave a small pout for the shot.