'Miss Iron Bum' Bakhar Nabieva Flaunts Her Well-Toned Legs And Backside In Racy Instagram Snap

Bakhar Nabieva may have gained fame for her rock-hard backside, but the fitness model's latest Instagram snap shows that the rest of her body is pretty fit as well.

The model took to Instagram this weekend to share what appeared to be a studio shot of herself posing on her knees on the floor, wearing a black sweater and a skimpy thong-cut bottom. The Instagram photo showcased her well-toned legs and hips, drawing a big reaction from fans. The photo racked up more than 120,000 likes and plenty of supportive comments.

"Always looks perfect," one person wrote.

"Sexiest woman alive," another added.

While the Azerbaijani model shares plenty of revealing snaps of herself wearing skimpy attire and posing in the gym on her Instagram feed, the shots she shared this week were a bit of a different flavor. They appeared to be taken in a studio, showing that Bakhar could be moving along in her modeling career from sharing selfies to something more formal.

Before the shot on her knees, Bakhar posted a picture earlier this week from what appeared to be the same photo shoot, showing herself leaping off the ground and flexing her muscle-popping legs. She also tagged Nikolay Lukash, a Ukrainian-based photographer who specializes in work with bodybuilders and fitness models.

Bakhar has also made it clear that while she may spend hours in the gym every week pumping her muscles, she would rather stick more with fitness modeling than competitive bodybuilding. Though she has gotten some pressure from fans to enter the competitive realm, Bakhar recently said that it requires a very restrictive diet that puts a crimp in her lifestyle.

It's not worth putting her body through that pain, Bakhar shared.

"Currently I have no interest in competing," she shared, via Female Muscle. "I have been competing in the category bikini fitness, but really have no interest. You have to be a very restricted diet, no carbohydrates, the training does not yield when you have no energy. I do not want to expose myself to such torture, perhaps in the future."

As the reaction to her recent modeling shots show, the approach seems to be working for Bakhar. She has gotten some viral attention for the Instagram pictures and has amassed a following of more than 2.8 million. That has likely helped to grow her bankroll as well, as Bakhar has shared a number of sponsored posts for fitness gear and workout supplements.