Charly Jordan Races Across The Tops Of Trains In Wild Instagram Video

Blond bombshell Charly Jordan got her social media followers buzzing with a new video on her Instagram page. The 20-year-old DJ, model, and social media influencer was doing some work at California's Trona Pinnacles and found a unique opportunity she apparently could not resist.

As Charly shared in a new Instagram video on Sunday, she came across a train in the desert right before sunset. Apparently, she decided she needed to at least try running across the tops of the trains, and naturally, she made sure it was caught on film.

The short video showed Charly doing exactly what she envisioned. A drone recorded the adrenaline-filled moments where the model raced across the rooftops of several train cars. She noted that this was the last thing she and her crew were able to capture before the drone died, and it sounds like it was the perfect ending to a fun adventure in the desert.

The train wasn't moving, so this was not necessarily all that risky. However, the clip definitely made for a fun and crazy movie-like moment.

Charly had her blond hair hanging straight down over her shoulders, and she was dressed in workout gear with white sneakers. The drone filmed this from a bit of a distance, so viewers could get a glimpse of Charly's midriff and athletic figure but nothing much more specific.

This video was an instant hit among Charly's 2.5 million Instagram followers. It was viewed more than 100,000 times in less than an hour and received over 35,000 likes in that time span.

"Crazy!!! We need to adventure together," commented fellow model Rachel Cook, who recently worked on a very sultry project with Charly that drove their fans crazy.

"This is some real lit sh*t," noted one of Charly's fans.

"You are the IG GOAT for today lol," wrote someone else, who added an award emoji to the comment.

"This video is AMAZING Charla [sic]. Well done. Very motivational. Have a great Sunday gorgeous," added another fan who included a hand-clapping emoji as well as several heart emoji.

Quite a few of Charly's followers made references to subway surfing with this video, and at least person likened the model running across the trains to the character of Tris in the Divergent book and movie series.

Many people thought that the song that Charly used was the perfect choice. It looks like it's "Griztronics," a collaboration between GRiZ and Subtronics.

This may not have been Charly's most revealing Instagram post, but it definitely had pulses racing. She teased that she has plenty more from this trip to share and fans will be anxious to see if she has anything else this heart-stopping.