Khloe Kardashian Shows Up With An Odd Look In A New Spoiler From The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Finale

Khloe Kardashian let Keeping Up with the Kardashians' viewers in on a spoiler for this year's season finale. She posted the hilarious clip on Instagram so her 106.6 million followers could get a preview regarding what is to come on the Sunday night show airing on E!.

Last week on KUWTK, the cast members discussed viewer feedback, while this week the show seemed to take on a less serious nature. At least, that was true when considering Khloe's video post.

As the clip started out, the Kardashian sister's voice was heard, but the moving image was a person who kind of looked like Khloe but was rocking Kris Jenner's short hairdo instead of the long blond locks Khloe has been cultivating this past year or so.

The dialogue did not sound like Khloe, either. She talked about how her "girls bicker," which does not make sense for the 35-year-old to be saying since Khloe only has one child.

Then, Kendall appeared in the video, but she was equipped with Khloe's blond hair as she talked about a liquid pout product. Then, she showed samples of the lipstick's available colors that had been marked all over her arm.

Kourtney also made an appearance, but she spoke as if she was Kim. During her part of the video, as she rocked a huge pair of sunglasses, she remarked that she "can't stand Kourtney."

Kim turned the tables on Kourtney to speak for -- and sort of, as -- her.

Talk about confusing, but amusingly so. The video that poked fun at other members of the KUWTK cast was -- hopefully -- all for amusement as the show comes to a close until 2020. Oh, well. There are always reruns for tiding over diehard fans.

Khloe's Instagram update containing the fresh and funny clip from the KUWTK season finale was well-received by the blond beauty's social media followers. The post earned the reality star more than 132,000 likes and 2,000-plus comments within about 45 minutes of going live.

Many fans just dropped emoji -- including the icons standing in for red hearts, crying-laughing faces, and heart-face cats -- while hundreds of others talked about how they felt about the new video from Sunday night's season finale of KUWTK.

"This is gold. can't wait to watch this," stated one Instagram user, who added a crying-laughing emoji and a crown emoji to the post.

"Nooo season finale, my favorite show! When do you guys come back?" queried a second fan, who added a worried-face emoji and two crying face emoji.

"This is fun! Kim & Kourtney mimicked each other so well," said a third follower, who added several crying-laughing emoji.

"You look so good in that wig khloe!" exclaimed a fourth admirer.