Elizabeth Hurley Spills Secrets Behind Her Bikini Body And Photos, Says Manual Laborers Have 'The Best Bodies'

Elizabeth Hurley doesn't rely on celebrity trainers to keep her looking her best in her famous bikinis, and her biggest sources of fitness inspiration are not other beautiful women in the entertainment industry. During a Friday appearance on Good Morning America -- as seen on Twitter -- the 54-year-old Austin Powers actress revealed that she thinks manual laborers have the best bodies. She explained how this belief has shaped her fitness routine, and she also talked about the important role lighting plays in her stunning swimsuit photos.

According to the svelte actress, her fit physique is not the result of spending hours in the gym. She told GMA anchor Amy Robach that she "doesn't do any exercise, per se." However, she describes herself as "extremely active." She spends her free time performing tasks around her estate in the English countryside, activities that get her heart rate up and give her a sense of purpose.

"When you look around, the best bodies are manual laborers," Elizabeth said of the hard workers who influenced her fitness philosophy. "I use a chainsaw; I use a hedge trimmer. You know, you burn a ton of calories, and you're using everything."

She also pointed out that all this physical labor results in a trimmed hedge.

Elizabeth's recommendation for those who want to get in better shape was to simply be more active. One of her specific suggestions was to avoid elevators and always take the stairs.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Elizabeth has also said that her diet plays an important role in her ageless looks. She tries to avoid heavily processed foods, opting instead for fresh fruits and veggies. She even grows some of her own produce at home.

While Elizabeth's active lifestyle and healthy diet might help keep her looking youthful and fit, she revealed that she relies on more than her good looks to take the perfect bikini photo. The actress often models swimsuits from her own beachwear line on Instagram, and this has turned her into a social media sensation. According to Elizabeth, the secret to snapping perfect bikini photos like hers is to get the lighting right. This means avoiding the sun during certain times of the day.

"You know, I've been in the business for a long time, and if I've learned anything from working with phenomenal photographers, it's lighting," Elizabeth said. "It's all lighting."

Amy expressed her disbelief at this claim, and Elizabeth walked it back just a bit.

"It's 90 percent lighting. I promise you," she said. "I'm not standing under overhead direct sun at midday."