December 15, 2019
Colton Underwood & Cassie Randolph Reunite, 'Bachelor' Lovebirds Together In Colorado For Early Family Holiday

Some fans of The Bachelor lovebirds Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph were feeling a bit anxious about the status of their relationship recently. According to their latest Instagram updates, however, it appears that all is well.

Earlier in the week, Colton shared a photo via his Instagram page with his "family" Christmas card greeting. It showed him with his two dogs, but Cassie wasn't in the picture.

Some fans of The Bachelor pair immediately started to speculate that this was a sign of trouble in the twosome's relationship. Cassie commented and said it was no big deal and that she'd be with him in Colorado soon. Now, it appears that she is.

On Sunday morning, Colton shared a photo on his Instagram page showing him with Cassie. They had on ugly Christmas sweaters and hats, and given the lighting, it appears that this may have been taken Saturday evening.

Colton is pointing at the cat on his sweater as Cassie smiles and has one hand on his cheek and the other on his shoulder. Based on her Instagram page, she and Colton are indeed together in Colorado and already got in some snowboarding.

It looks as if Colton and Cassie are making up for lost time after some busy weeks apart, and are ready to relax and enjoy the holiday season together.

Cassie's latest Instagram post showed a photo of her with her Bachelor beau on the slopes in Steamboat Springs, and she joked about how she can't move now.

While Colton is a pretty seasoned snowboarder, it looks like Cassie is more of a novice. However, she looked pretty adventurous and didn't let a few falls dampen her spirits.

Colton and Cassie both received a lot of likes and comments on these new posts. Clearly, The Bachelor fans thought they looked adorable together.

A couple of days prior to these snowboarding updates, Cassie shared via her Instagram page that she had been in the midst of wrapping up her first semester of graduate school. She mentioned that it's been challenging trying to balance everything, and she expressed her excitement to be heading to Colorado to do some early Christmas celebrating.

These latest social media updates may not fully convince any doubters, but those who were slightly concerned about Colton's solo Christmas photo without Cassie are probably feeling some relief now.

Will this Bachelor couple go the distance? It looks like they're doing pretty well these days and just might have a shot at making it.