Rex Ryan Promises Mark Sanchez First Offseason Snap, Nothing More

Mark Sanchez days as starting quarterback could be numbered.

Mark Sanchez’s days as the Jets starting quarterback could be numbered. Head coach Rex Ryan has promised to give Sanchez the first snap of the offseason but nothing beyond that.

The news that Rex Ryan is even considering Mark Sanchez as the Jets’ starting quarterback next year may concern fans. New York might not have another option though. Sanchez is in the second year of a major contract extension, leaving the Jets strapped for cash and trying to trade Darrelle Revis.

Mark Sanchez may get the first snap, but he still has a lot to prove. Ryan might be making promises, but saying, “the first snap, he’ll be the guy running out there first. Yeah, whatever, somebody’s got to take it,” isn’t the best vote of confidence. If spoken by any person than the man who drafted Sanchez, it might not even be seen as a promise.

If you really consider Rex Ryan’s comments though, maybe Mark Sanchez’s time as the Jets’ starting quarterback is coming to an end then. The Jets have a stable quarterbacks including David Garrard, Mike Simms, Greg McElroy, and Tim Tebow.

The bad news for Jets’ fans and Rex Ryan; Mark Sanchez might just be the top of of the stack.

David Garrard could challenge Sanchez for the starting job. He was in line to be the Dolphins starter last year before a season ending injury. He also started for a number of years in Jacksonville before the team drafted Blaine Gabbert.

As for Tim Tebow, Rex Ryan admits, “He’s on the roster,” but then reminds everyone, “a whole bunch of other guys are on the roster.” Tebow might not be on the roster much longer anyway. If the Jets can’t find a trade partner they will likely release Tebow and save $2.6 million, or Tebow could shock everyone and defect to the Arena Football League.

Do you think Rex Ryan promised Mark Sanchez the first snap of the offseason? Should Mark Sanchez be New York’s starting quarterback next year?