WWE Rumors: Mystery Opponents For The Viking Raiders At 'TLC' Revealed

On Sunday evening, WWE is going to present the TLC pay-per-view, which will be their final big event of 2019. There are seven matches confirmed and in place, but one of those bouts only has one side complete, as the other will bring a mystery opponent. Raw Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders have issued an open challenge for their titles, and rumors are swirling that their opponents are already known.

If you don't want to possibly be spoiled for tonight's event, you'll want to stop reading now.

With Survivor Series taking place late last month, there has not been a lot of build-up for TLC in the last few weeks. There are only seven confirmed matches scheduled for TLC even though there is the possibility that a surprise John Cena could show up for another one.

The Viking Raiders have issued an open challenge for anyone to step up and go after their tag team titles. Rumors had been swirling for weeks that it would be The O.C. being placed on the card against them, but then WWE announced the open challenge for the titles.

Despite that being the stipulation added to the match, Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Ringside News, is reporting it will still be as expected. On Sunday night, don't be surprised to see Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson answer the call for the open challenge.

Luke Gallows (L) and Karl Anderson (R) head to the ring for a match against The Usos on WWE Monday Night Raw.

Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer said that even though WWE issued the open challenge, it was "always going to be Gallows and Anderson." Meltzer said he checked with his source before the open challenge was issued and it was going to be The O.C., and the same was said this past Monday as well.

Ever since capturing the Raw Tag Team Championship, Erik and Ivar have been put back to mostly squashing enhancement talent. At times, they partnered with Ricochet to take on the full O.C., with AJ Styles teaming up with Gallows and Anderson.

Back at Crown Jewel, there was a huge Tag Team Turmoil Match in which The Viking Raiders and The O.C. were the last two teams remaining. Gallows and Anderson ended up hitting the "Magic Killer" on Erik to win the match and the Tag Team World Cup Trophy.

With WWE not actually announcing the opponents of The Viking Raiders at TLC, it is obvious they wanted to build up some suspense. The latest rumors still have The O.C. stepping in as the team answering the call for the open challenge, and it should be a good hard-hitting match.