WWE News: Former Champion Teasing Return For A Match At Tonight's 'TLC'

The end of 2019 is coming in a big way for everyone, and WWE is going to present TLC as their final pay-per-view of the year. One thing about this year is that John Cena has been noticeably absent from the ring for the majority of it, but it may not end up staying that way. Early on Sunday morning, Cena hopped on social media to tease the fans and hint at the idea of showing up at the event in the evening.

Sunday night's card for TLC was completed and finalized as of Friday Night SmackDown, but it wouldn't be surprising for a match to be added. With only seven matches, it seems as if there could be one or two more tacked onto the card to help fill the full amount of time for the PPV.

One superstar who is not on the card is former multi-time champion John Cena who has actually only wrestled two matches in all of 2019. He is not expected to be at TLC as he's not scheduled or announced for it, but the "champ" loves to tease the fans and he's doing just that.

Early on Sunday, Cena hopped on his official Instagram account to post a picture that has people talking. Cena never puts captions on his pics on Instagram and leaves it up to his followers to try and figure out what he means by them.

Some are confused by what he may mean by "The Streak," but Wrestling Inc. was able to figure something out. John Cena has worked a WWE pay-per-view event for 17 years straight and if he doesn't have a match at TLC on Sunday night, that streak would officially be broken.

His first-ever PPV match was at the 2002 Vengeance where he picked up a victory over Chris Jericho. Last year, Cena worked a number of events and wrestled at Super ShowDown, Greatest Royal Rumble, WrestleMania 34, Fastlane, Elimination Chamber, and the Royal Rumble.

In 2019, Cena had two matches on different episodes of Monday Night Raw in January, and that was it. Neither of those matches were single bouts, but he did go 1-1 in them. January 14, 2019, is the last time he's been seen on WWE television

While John Cena has not said that he's retired from the ring and active competition in WWE, his time wrestling is less and less each year. With only two matches in 2019, one has to wonder how much longer he'll actually keep going before moving entirely into acting. It is possible that nothing comes of his social media posts, but it wouldn't be out of the question for him to randomly show up and have a match at TLC.