AEW News: Star Opens Up About Negative WWE Experience, Says Coaches Tried To ‘Shame’ Him

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AEW star Sammy Guevara appeared on the latest edition of the Talk Is Jericho podcast, where he opened up about a tryout experience he had for WWE in 2017. According to “The Spanish God,” he was unhappy about the way he was treated by the coaches and it put him off the idea of joining the company.

As quoted by Wrestling Inc, Guevara said that the company was more interested in hiring models and former football players over wrestlers. Furthermore, he also revealed that the coaches were chilled out until the cameras started rolling, which is when they started showing more aggression toward the trainees.

“It seemed like when the cameras were on they really played it up. It felt like a whole gimmick to me because everyone was chill until the cameras were on and suddenly they start drilling and yelling at you. I’m like, alright, I see what this is. It definitely opened up my eyes because I wouldn’t want to be there, maybe not ever, but certainly not now just because of the way they treated me.”

According to the AEW star, the WWE coaches also tried to “shame” people for wanting to become wrestlers, but they treated the football players and models with respect. However, he was complimentary toward Primo and Epico, as he teamed up with Laredo Kid to wrestle them in a dark match, and they let him show off his impressive moveset.

The AEW star also said that the referee of the dark match told him that it was the best non-televised match that he had ever supervised. Furthermore, Guevara recalled how Mark Henry was impressed by his performance but told the young performer not to develop an ego.

Guevara’s WWE experience also saw him make an appearance as one of Adam Rose’s Rosebuds, but his tenure with the company was short. The star went on to make a name for himself in Mexico and with Major League Wrestling.

Since joining AEW, Guevara has established himself as a hot prospect. He’s a member of The Inner Circle stable alongside Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, and Proud and Powerful, and together they’ve been stalwarts of the company’s main event scene.

He will also go down in history as being a participant in the first ever Dynamite match, which saw him impress in a losing effort against Cody Rhodes. The future is looking bright for Guevara outside of WWE, but he hasn’t ruled out ever joining the company either, where Randy Orton is waiting to wrestle him.