December 15, 2019
UFC News: Dana White Defends Decision To Book Conor McGregor Amid Recent Allegations Made Against The Star

Dana White and the UFC have faced criticism for booking Conor McGregor to fight Donald Cerrone at UFC 246, given that the controversial star is currently being investigated over sexual assault allegations. However, the UFC president doesn't seem fazed by the ordeal at the time of this writing.

During an interview with Yahoo Sports, by the way of MMA Weekly, White revealed that until McGregor is formally charged, he won't stop the Irishman from fighting.

"He hasn't been charged with anything. You can't accuse somebody and stop them from making a living when they haven't even been charged of anything. Conor McGregor has made a lot of bad decisions in the last several years. He's paid for it."
However, White did assure the media that if McGregor is found guilty, he will reconsider the fighter's future with the company.
"If he was being charged with something right now, it would be a different story. The New York Times wrote those stories, but there's no other stories out there about Conor McGregor."
As White noted, the New Tork Times published a report chronicling two sexual assault allegations made against McGregor. The first incident reportedly occurred last December, which led to McGregor being arrested in January, although he hasn't been charged and the case is still ongoing.
The most recent allegation, meanwhile, was made by an unidentified woman in her twenties who claims that she was sexually assaulted by the UFC star in a vehicle parked outside a Dublin bar last week. According to the article, however, the police still have to interview McGregor over the alleged incident.

McGregor's publicist subsequently defended his client against the allegations, claiming that they are only rumors that have emerged against the fighter due to him being in the public spotlight. However, they are merely the latest scandals surrounding the Irishman, who has made headlines for the wrong reasons in 2019.

White has continued to stick with McGregor throughout his legal and personal woes, but he has been critical of the star's behavior. As The Inquisitr reported following the incident where the fighter punched an elderly man, White said that McGregor needs to realize what he's been doing and make a conscious decision to stop it.

The UFC president also revealed that McGregor's actions have been costly for the star, as he's had to fork out "millions" in legal payments. However, now that he's returning to the octagon, it is perhaps the beginning of a new chapter for the Irishman.