Megan Thee Stallion Twerks Up A Storm On A Private Plane As The Pilot Looks On

Megan Thee Stallion's Instagram followers are likely used to her showing off her twerking skills but the rapper's most recent video is a first for her. In the clip, Megan and her best friend/assistant Kelsey twerked on a private plane that was about to leave for Los Angeles, according to the "Big Ole Freak" rapper's caption.

Wearing matching black hoodies and sweatpants, both women danced in the cabin at the start of clip to Megan's song with Vickeelo, "Ride Or Die." After that bit of fun, the video goes outside where Megan and Kelsey twerked on the aircraft's stairs. They headed back inside the plane for some extra twerking, at which point a man appeared in the background to enjoy the view, smiling from ear to ear as he did so. In her caption, Megan identified him as the pilot.

The video clip amassed more than 500,000 views in less an hour. In the 3,000-plus comments, several fans poked fun at the pilot's facial expression.

"The pilot was too happy," one commenter wrote. "Who wouldn't be lol"

"The pilot was ready to risk it ALL," another added.

"Pilot like 'well look what we have here'," a third commenter quipped

Some speculated that the pilot might be married and envisioned the video jeopardizing that relationship.

"Lmao. Pilot was gon call his wife and tell her he ain't coming home. Lol," a fourth fan commented.

While the pilot's reaction is hilarious, the clip isn't a very extensive demonstration of the "Hot Girl Summer" rapper's twerking ability. She gave fans a more in-depth display in a video uploaded on October 25 when she danced to the same song that's heard in her most recent Instagram video. On this occasion, she donned a white sailor's cap and black-and-white striped shorts set as she showed off the strength and athleticism of her lower body in each hip and booty gyration. Her ability to stay balanced and on beat earned her 3 million views from her Instagram following. Several of the over 35,000 comments were also filled with praise for her skill.

Megan has also twerked alongside Ciara, an entertainer known for her proficiency with this dance style. But Megan held her own as the dropped it low in a video clip posted ahead of the American Music Awards which Ciara hosted this year. As of this writing, Megan and Ciara's combined star power has attracted 3 million views and over 30,000 comments to the post.