Ayla Woodruff Rocks Lingerie While Posing On A Ladder

Ayla Woodruff wears workout gear.
Vivien Killilea / Getty Images

Ayla Woodruff shared a new Instagram update a day ago with her fans. She was seen posing on a closed ladder while rocking a colorful outfit, which featured maroon lingerie.

The stunner was seen in a lacy ensemble. The bra featured upside-down triangular lace pieces below her chest. The matching bottoms had lace accents along the waistband as well. Ayla also wore a baggy jacket on top, which was two tones of blue with red accents. She completed her look with a pair of shiny, lace-up ankle boots with heels.

The model wore her hair down and sported dark lipstick that complemented her underwear.

The first photo showed Ayla holding onto the ladder with her left hand, while she raised one leg. She extended her right hand into the air while grabbing a hold of the ends of her hair. The rest of her locks were in slight disarray, with some pieces falling on her face. The model glanced to her right with her mouth wide open and a surprised expression on her face. She partially wore the jacket, with a sleeve falling down her left arm.

The second photo, on the other hand, showed the bombshell striking a slightly different pose. She held her jacket with her right hand and raised her left knee. This time, she angled her foot towards the wall. Her slim and toned figure was on full display. Ayla tilted her head back slightly and gazed into the distance.

Fans rushed to the comments section to leave their compliments for the social media sensation. Many people focused on her looks, while others poked fun at her ladder.

“@ayla_woodruff a ladder and heels.. I think someone wants to be tall!” exclaimed an admirer.

“You’re moving up in the world Ayla! Lol,” joked a fan.

Meanwhile, some people referred to her captions.

“No need for Christmas lights just you. Have a fantastic holiday,” expressed a follower.

“You already lit up the place with just you being up there,” noted a fourth Instagram user.

Previously, the bombshell shared another update where she wore lingerie. Ayla was spotted sitting on the edge of a luxurious stone tub inside a hotel room. She sported a white thong and nothing else, and faced her back to the camera. The model pulled her hair back into a casual ponytail and looked into the distance at the scenery through her open windows. This update was geotagged at Hotel Rangá, which is in Iceland.