Saweetie Reveals Cleavage In Undone Crop Top With Safety Pins

Saweetie wears a tan shirt.
David Livingston / Getty Images

Saweetie shared a flirty new Instagram update with her fans today. It showed her rocking a white crop top that was undone, and it featured a red graphic that read, “Los Angeles.”

The top itself, along with her exposed cleavage, was the focal point of the photo. This was thanks to the way the image was cropped, with the majority of her face out of view, save for her chin. The top appeared to have been altered, and was originally a tank top with thick straps and a high collar. The city’s name was drawn with flames at the top, with a devil tail highlighting the words. The top was cut in half in the middle, and put back together with a vertical line of safety pins.

There were three pins at the top and six at the bottom, although the center of her shirt was left undone. Eight safety pins were left unclipped, with the pointy pins dangling from the shirt. This meant that her chest was left on display.

The rapper also wore sparkling earrings and a couple of silver necklaces. One necklace was thin and lined with gems, while the second piece was thicker. Her handbag strap could be seen slung over her right shoulder. The strap featured silver hardware that was intertwined with turquoise detailing.

Fans seemed to love the new update and shared their thoughts in the comments section.

“Who else could pull off pins on a shirt,” complimented a follower.

“Even this pic is beautiful. literally everything about you, can’t get enough,” raved an admirer.

“Oop just found my new screen saver,” wrote a fan.

“SIS ARE YOU DOING M&G FOR YOUR EUROPE TOUR!!!!!?????” wondered a fourth Instagram user.

Saweetie is heading abroad in May of 2020, and is slated to play in Berlin and Cologne, Germany. She’s going to Ireland, London, and Paris in the same month, according to SongKick. So while the fan didn’t specify which show they’re planning to attend, it sounds like they’re hoping for a meet and greet.

The stunner previously showed off her cleavage when she went braless in pink pasties. She wore a mesh shirt on top, which was completely see-through. Saweetie paired it with a fuzzy vest, which featured red, pink, and black horizontal stripes. She wore her hair down and rocked an elaborate purple manicure with gems. She also added a Hello Kitty face filter and showed off her freckles.