'Playboy' Model Lexi Wood Is 'Almost Ready' In Nude Bra & Black Sweatpants

Trisha Faulkner

Playboy model Lexi Wood shared a revealing snapshot of herself getting ready as she rocked nothing more than a nude bra and a pair of black sweatpants. The slender brunette bombshell put her tiny frame on display as both of her hands were twisted in her short locks as she looked to be putting her hair up in a ponytail.

Unfortunately for her 670,000 Instagram followers, the Canadian model left a lot to the imagination as her arms were positioned in a way that concealed most of her chest from the camera.

Her bare shoulders did reveal that the young model was rocking a strapless nude push-up bra. While her arm was draped over her topless bosom, her elbow was up high enough that her followers got a nice look at her toned midriff.

Lexi was standing in a corner near an open doorway in an all-white room. While she was still getting her hair ready and was in the process of getting dressed, she was already finished with her cosmetics. She rocked her usual dusty-pink lip color. Even though she clearly had dark smoky eyes as well, the way her wide eyes were gazing up and off to the side made it hard to get a good look.

As she didn't give any more information and hasn't posted any additional updates on Instagram, it is unclear what exactly the young model was presently getting ready for.

The sizzling snapshot was shared on her profile less than eight hours ago. Her followers did not hold back showering the post with nearly 20,000 likes and a little over 100 comments in that time frame.

"Queen" and "baby" were some of the single-word complements her followers opted to include in the comments.

As was typical with Lexi's Instagram snaps, several of her followers used emoji to express how much they enjoyed the photo. Wood also had the usual cluster of fans declaring how much they loved her in the comments.

While her older snapshot wasn't as racy as her most recent post, it has still accumulated nearly 30,000 likes and 200 comments in the 24 hours since she posted it on her profile.