'Dynasty' Star Elizabeth Gillies Rocks New Platinum-Blond Locks In Black Leather Dress

Trisha Faulkner

Dynasty star Elizabeth Gillies caused her 9.3 million Instagram followers to do a double take when she took to her profile yesterday to share a snapshot of herself rocking new platinum-blond tresses.

The young actress appeared to be twinning with two of her equally blond friends as they all rocked the same curly locks and matching outfits.

Gillies paired her new blond locks with a snug black leather dress and a leopard-pattern fur coat. The actress and her blond friends also rocked similar cosmetics as they all sported thick black eye makeup and a vibrant pink lip color.

The trio were giving off some serious bad girl vibes as they appeared to be at some sort of night club based on the fluorescent cursive lettering on the wall behind them.

The sizzling Instagram post technically came with three different snapshots. The second photo in the collection featured Elizabeth with one of her hands over her entire face. The photo was snapped from the side. Between the lengthy blond locks and the thick fur coat, not much was visible to the camera.

The third photo was also a solo snap of Gillies. The photo featured the star with her head thrown back and her eyes narrowed for the camera. Her blond locks flowed down her body. She had her hands in the pockets of her fur coat.

In all three photos attached to the post, the neon cursive lettering was visible in the background hanging on the wall.

While the blond locks certainly looked real enough, it was unclear in the post whether Elizabeth was rocking a wig, or if she had changed the color of her dark brunette hair.

In the caption of the post, Elizabeth did her part to call attention to her unusually blond hair. Gillies revealed that blondes might actually have more fun. She, however, ended the caption indicating she wasn't sure just yet.

A few of her followers noted the collection of pictures was giving off 101 Dalmatians vibes.

For fans that have followed Elizabeth for a long time, some had flashbacks to an episode of Victorious.

"It's like that one episode of victorious," one follower penned.

"Hey it's the blonde squad from victorious," a second follower agreed.

"The fact that I'm watching the blonde squad episode of victorious this very moment," a third added.

Some of her followers opted to shower her with emoji and single-word complements.