Google Babble Will Unify Search Giants Platforms, Allow For Open Communication

Google Babble Service

Google Babble is the newest rumored offering from the search giant. The Babble platform promises to unify Google’s many platforms into a singular point of communication.

According to several sources at, the Google Babble platform will act as a cross-platform communications hub between various services including Google Talk, Google Hangouts, and Google Voice, among others. The platform would allow Google platform users to connect with one another without the need to be on the same system.

The rumor claims that Google Babble is being built from the “ground up” so that all services run by Google can be included in the platform as the company sees fit.

The Babble platform is meant to include the ability to share images from a users chat windows, start Hangouts from any Google-based contact list, and provide other services that can be shared between users.

Google already takes advantage of XMPP, an open platform used to power its Google Talk platform. There is a good chance Google will take its new Babble configuration and create a closed network of communications that rivals BlackBerry Messenger and iMessage by providing deeper file integration and more uses among a larger audience.

The snoops at Google have not given a possible released date for Google Babble.

Thankfully, we might not have to wait long to learn more about Google’s unification of apps. The Google I/O conference is held in May, and Google loves to give sneak peaks at rumors that turn out to be true.

Hopefully, Google will integrate the new Babble platform with the Google Android system in such a way that users can better communicate across all of their devices.

Do you think a unified Google Babble system will convince users to better communicate with others by using all of the company’s top systems as they deem necessary?