'Shameless' Star Shanola Hampton Sizzles In Galaxy-Inspired Dress

Shanola Hampton took to Instagram roughly 48 hours ago to treat her 1.1 million followers to a few sneak preview snapshots from tomorrow night's episode of Shameless that featured her character Veronica Fisher slaying in a galaxy-inspired dress.

As those who watched last week's episode of Shameless saw, Veronica is now working a second job as a pharmaceutical rep. It is something she took on after her new friend revealed how difficult of a job it was for her as the black community of doctors were not interested in working with an Asian rep.

Initially, Veronica had a hard time making things work as the doctors were not interested in spending any additional money on a new drug. V, however, found out that she could manipulate them. She started telling stories about sick family members and how their lives could have been different if the drug she was pushing had been available for them to take.

As she approached doctor after doctor, Veronica continued to kill off various members of her family while telling stories and shedding tears. She finally met her match when a female doctor, who was also a person of color, told her she could tell the story wasn't true. She, however, admitted to liking V's style and decided to take her drug on anyway.

This same doctor also invited Veronica to the upcoming cookout where she would get to meet tons of doctors of color. The doctor noted coming to the cookout would be great for Veronica's business.

The two snapshots in the collection Hampton shared on Instagram feature her character and the doctor that invited her to the cookout standing together under a large, black umbrella.

The first photo shared Shanola rocking the galaxy-inspired gown from the front. The second snap attached to the post featured a nice shot of how the same dress looked from the back.

The dress featured a wide u-neckline that allowed Hampton to put a hint of her busty bosom on display. From the back, the dress complemented her curvy backside as well. The dress featured a thick, black stripe down the middle that curved with her plump derriere.

The photo accumulated over 16,000 likes and just shy of 50 comments as her followers were enjoying both Shanola's dress and her performance as Veronica during Season 10 of Shameless.

Several of her followers noted Veronica was one of their favorite characters in the show. At a loss for words, some of her followers opted to shower the comments section with nothing more than a few emoticons.

The official Instagram account for the Showtime network even took to the comments to find out what Veronica was bringing to the cookout. Shanola responded to the question to reveal her character would be bringing the potato salad.

Watch Veronica Fisher at the cookout during tomorrow night's new episode of Shameless.