Beth Ditto Arrested After Kicking Barman In The Crotch, Pleads For President Obama

Beth Ditto arrested

Beth Ditto, the lead singer of the rock band The Gossip, was arrested and then charged with disorderly conduct on Friday March 15 in Portland, after she kicked a bartender in the crotch and then screamed at the police whilst celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

It has been reported that she was denied service in the city’s Bungalo Bar after she tired to buy a drink whilst being too drunk. The arrest then occurred at 1:42am and a police mug shot has now spread like wild fire across the internet.

A source for the Willamette Week then reported that after Ditto was thrown out of the bar, “she walked out in the middle of the street, threw off her shoes and purse and screamed ‘Obama! Obama!'” Police were alarmed by her shouts and decided to arrest her in response.

A Portland Reddit user, who was luckily drinking in the same bar as the curvy singer on the same night, also provided an account of her arrest to her followers. It states, “By 1:30 Beth was completely blackout drunk challenging people to fights.”

They then also added, “My friends and I headed over to the Bungalow from the Alibi only to be met with Beth’s belligerent ***hole posse. We got our drinks and went out to the back, only to hear her and her friends breaking s***.”

The user then also noted that she acted in a reprehensible manner, before then kicking the bartender in the groin, which lead the server to call the authorities.

Ditto has now been released from Portland police station, and didn’t need to post bail to exit. No future court date has been confirmed, but if Ditto is found guilty of the offense, she could face up to six months in prison.

What do you think of Beth Ditto? Do you think she is a good role model for the LBGT community?