NBA Rumors: Blake Griffin To Heat For Goran Dragic And James Johnson In Hypothetical Trade Deal

JB Baruelo

As the Pistons continue to struggle this season, rumors surrounding All-Star power forward Blake Griffin and his future with Detroit have started to heat up. The Pistons may still have enough time to turn things around this season, but as of now, most people believe that they are better off moving Griffin before the February trade deadline and undergo a rebuilding process.

Once Griffin officially becomes available on the trading block, several NBA teams who are in dire need of additional star power are expected to express interest in adding him to their roster, including the Miami Heat.

In his recent article, Michael Kawaida of SB Nation's Hot Hot Hoops listed Griffin as one of the NBA players that the Heat could target before the February trade deadline.

"Blake Griffin isn't the high-flyer he once was but the 6-time All-Star is still incredibly skilled and crafty with the ball in his hands. The former slam dunk champion has reshaped his game after suffering a host of injuries in the last few seasons. Griffin can give Miami a point-forward presence the team could run offense through for stretches. The 30-year-old remains capable of showing flashes of brilliance that made him a household name."

To acquire Griffin, Kawaida suggested that the Heat could simply offer a trade package including Goran Dragic and James Johnson to the Pistons. The proposed trade deal works on ESPN's NBA Trade Machine. However, it is highly unlikely that the Pistons would trade Griffin just for the sake of having salary cap relief. In any potential deal involving their superstar, the Pistons are highly expected to demand a combination of a young player and a future draft pick.

Other potential trade targets for the Heat include DeMar DeRozan of the San Antonio Spurs, Danilo Gallinari of the Oklahoma City Thunder, and D'Angelo Russell and Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors.