‘The Challenge’ Stars Zach Nichols And Derrick Kosinski Engage In Twitter War

Zach Nichols appears on The Challenge Season 33

Two legendary Challenge cast members have been going at it on Twitter despite never appearing on the same season together. Zach Nichols and Derrick Kosinski have engaged in a bizarre social media feud that no one saw coming. Team U.S. member Zach is fresh off a loss on War of the Worlds 2 (which has been met with some controversy) and it was his performance during the finale that prompted Derrick to share his thoughts on Twitter. The first tweet came two episodes ago at the start of the final.

“When the guy that looks like the Hulk says he’s gonna take a quick (4 mile) break and put the weight of a million dollars on Ninja and Cara’s shoulders…wonder how much that’s gonna hurt…” Derrick tweeted.

Zach took a break from carrying the team gurney during the final, a move Derrick was confused by given Zach’s strength and stature. Zach took notice of the tweet and wasted no time in responding.

“Sick attempt at getting recasted. Stick to your lame workout vids and rambling on your podcast,” he wrote back.

Derrick hosts the very popular Challenge Mania podcast alongside Scott Yager, where the duo interviews current cast members and legends from the past. Zach has yet to appear on the podcast, and it doesn’t look like he will be anytime soon. His girlfriend and fellow Challenge veteran, Jenna Compono, appeared on Challenge Mania back in 2018 but hasn’t returned to speak with Derrick and Scott like many cast members do.

Derrick then responded to Zach’s recasting comment by saying he would have gone a little dirtier with his insults if he just wanted to be recast on the show. For years, former Challenge cast members have been accused of starting Twitter wars in an attempt to be recast on the show for the sake of drama. Derrick then noted that from his point of view, Zach’s decision to take a break during the final “crippled” the team.

“Great observation from someone who wasn’t there. Maybe focus on some employment opportunities, I’m sure some rich family would love to hire you as a seasonal elf on a shelf,” Zach tweeted back.

Derrick then said his podcast kept him covered job-wise and put a link in his tweet to promote it. Eventually, Zach called Derrick a “keyboard warrior” and suggested he give the feud a rest.

“Really funny hearing about keyboard warriors from a guy who talks tough but doesn’t act like it…” Derrick clapped back in another tweet.

For now, it looks like the Twitter feud has died down, with neither of the two MTV stars responding to one another in the past few days.