December 14, 2019
Sara Underwood Rocks A Racy Crop Top & A Super Warm Cap As Winter Nearly Arrives In The Pacific Northwest

Sara Underwood doesn't care what season it is. No matter what the calendar says, she still likes to flaunt her enviable figure while modeling outdoors. So, even when temperatures in the vicinity of her Pacific Northwest home head downward, the former Playboy Playmate of the Year rocks revealing sartorial statements, -- like Saturday's tiny crop top -- while she is out and about.

As the free-spirited stunner stood, stretched, and practically yawned on the rocks at the edge of the water, she was hardly dressed for the weather. However, Sara did give a nod to how cold it was because she had put on a short, fuzzy jacket before she headed out and away from her tiny home, located in Washington state. She also plunked a warm white beanie on her head as she posed for her most recent Instagram post which was shot by her beau, Jacob Witzling.

Her two-picture update included a creepy yet cute caption stating that "Goonies never say die," which was followed by a skeleton and crossbones emoji.

In the first picture of the two, Sarah was seen in her full-length glory as she flaunted her bare midsection, including her navel. She paired her top with fatigue green-colored cargo pants while her feet were firmly planted into lace-up hiking boots and her tan-colored jacket was flung open as she let the arms cover her gloveless hands.

The scene behind the pretty blonde was awe-inspiring. Two giant rocks jutted out of the water in a picture that featured driftwood, stones, and pebbles.

The second photo in the post from the 35-year-old Portlandian -- who likes to update her social media platform with images taken outside that focus on nature's beauty, even including when the star showers -- was a close-up. As Sara popped her booty in the shot in which her body was turned toward the scenery, she also rocked a full face of makeup, including enhanced and arched eyebrows, a bit of mascara, some eyeliner, blush, contouring, and a light pink lipstick.

Her post was popular among Sara's 9.2 million Instagram followers. She earned more than 18,000 likes and 100-plus comments within less than half an hour of when her most recent social media post went live. Some left emoji -- including the telling symbols for heart-eye faces, red lip prints, red hearts, and thumbs up -- to show how they felt about the post. Still, others wrote words.

"Cute belly button," remarked one follower, who added a smiley face emoji.

"Wow what a picture and what a beautiful Background, remarked a second fan, who added a screaming face emoji and three heart-eye face emoji.

"Blue mornin, blue day, won't you see things..... my way," rhymed a third Instagram user.

"Goonies for life, have you found One Eye Willies treasure yet?" asked a fourth follower, who added a winking eye, a red hear and a heart exclamation point emoji.