Madi Edwards Tugs On Her Shorts While Rocking A Tiny Crop Tank

Madi Edwards takes a selfie.
Madi Edwards / Instagram

Madi Edwards shared a new selfie with her Instagram fans Saturday which had her wearing short shorts and showing her abs in a tiny cropped tank.

The stunner wore denim shorts with frayed edges. Her thumb was placed in the belt loop of the shorts as she tugged the waist forward.

Madi showed off her cleavage in a tiny crop tank which had very thin straps and a low neckline. The chest area featured a corset-like, structured look and left her toned midriff on full display.

The model was seen wearing her hair down in a middle part. Her roots were looking pretty dark, while the rest of her locks were glowing and platinum blond. She straightened her hair for the shot, and let her hair falling in front of her shoulders.

Her makeup included dark liner on her lower lids, along with purple eyeshadow. Madi also sported pink blush and light lipstick. Her skin looked flawless in the shot, and also quite tan.

Madi stuck her tongue out to the side in a playful way and tilted her head slightly to the right. Her short, choker necklace popped in the shot, as it sparkled against her skin. She also accessorized with three, thin bracelets on her right wrist.

The bombshell’s phone case, which she held in her left hand, matched her pink manicure. The case also read, “ME” in lettering the same shade of pink with orange shadows.

No furniture was seen in the room she posed in, which featured white walls and wood flooring. The door was open, and plenty of light streamed in from the left side of the frame.

Fans left their rave reviews in the comments section.

“You GOT IT,” gushed a follower.

“You. are. stunning,” declared an admirer.

“Wow babe so beautiful,” wrote a fan.

Others referred to the captions.

“I disagree with the universes [sic] decision!!!!!” exclaimed a fourth Instagram user.

The model didn’t specify where she was trying to head to on the plane, but perhaps she’ll update everyone once she finally gets going on her travels.

This isn’t Madi’s only selfie of late. She shared another selfie several days ago that was all about her tiny waist as she rocked a crop tank & lingerie bottoms. The shirt was white with blue floral accents, with a strap falling down her left shoulder. Meanwhile, her bottoms were white and lacy. She stood in front of a white bed and held a self-tanner in her hand. Her face was obscured by her phone, but her wavy hair was visible.