Sophie Monk Almost Spills Out Of Her String Bikini Top In Hilarious Prank Video

Sohpie wanted to take a stunning birthday photo, but her boyfriend Joshua Gross had other ideas.

Sophie Monk arrives at the GQ Men of The Year Awards 2019
Brendon Thorne / Getty Images

Sohpie wanted to take a stunning birthday photo, but her boyfriend Joshua Gross had other ideas.

Sophie Monk rocked a tiny string bikini during her birthday getaway with her boyfriend Joshua Gross, and the Love Island host looked like she was in serious danger of suffering a wardrobe malfunction.

On Friday, Sophie took to Instagram to share a prank video that Joshua filmed during their trip to Mauritius, where they’re celebrating Sophie’s 40th birthday. Sophie was shown sitting across from Joshua at a small wooden table. She was rocking a tiny leopard-print string bikini that featured a triangle top with ruffled edges. The garment left little to the imagination; quite a bit of Sophie’s chest was exposed, and she kept flashing even more flesh as she moved around and attempted to strike the perfect pose for a photo.

Sophie had the strings of her two-piece tied somewhat loosely, so when she slightly leaned over, she almost spilled out of her top. However, she managed to avoid revealing too much before Joshua revealed that he was filming her without her knowledge.

Sophie and Joshua’s table was sheltered by the high roof of a massive wooden pavilion, so they were shaded from the sun. However, Sophie was wearing a pair of stylish cat-eye sunglasses with yellow frames that matched the pavilion’s vibrant wooden rafters. Her blond hair was pulled back into a messy topknot. Sophie had a martini in one hand, and her designer Chanel handbag was sitting on the table in front of her.

Joshua was acting like he was about to take a photo of his girlfriend, but he was capturing her on video instead.

“Oh, you’re nailing it, yeah,” he said as Sophie struck a pose.

She responded by fretting over whether she looked “weird,” and she asked Joshua if she needed to try to appear more “relaxed.” She also made sure that he was getting her handbag in the photo that he wasn’t taking.

Sophie’s followers thought that the prank video was hilarious.

“Hahaha she’s the bloody best!!” wrote one fan.

“This is absolutely hilarious. Your best post ever imo,” another admirer remarked.

“God I love her the honesty ‘is my bag in it’ bloody oath it should be,” read a third response to the video.

“Don’t know what I love more. How good he got her or that she posted it,” a fourth fan commented.

Joshua made up for his prank by taking two stunning bikini snapshots of Sophie and posting them on his Instagram page. According to his geotag, the couple is staying at the Club Med La Pointe aux Canonniers.

In addition to being a successful singer, actress, and model, Sophie has appeared on multiple reality shows, including The Bachelorette Australia. Luckily for Joshua, things didn’t work out between Sophie and Stu Laundy, the man she gave her final rose to. According to The Daily Mail, Sophie and Joshua met last August on a flight from Europe to Australia.