Cumberland Mall Shooting: Video Shows Chaos Erupt As Gunfire Rings Out In Atlanta Mall

Video from inside Atlanta's Cumberland Mall showed a chaotic scene as shoppers ran and ducked under tables amid a reported shooting in the food court.

The incident took place on Saturday afternoon at the Georgia mall. The Cobb County Police Department confirmed that shots were fired but said on Twitter that it was an isolated incident and there was not an active shooter. Police said the shooting appeared to be between two parties who knew each other.

A number of shoppers took to social media to say that the mall was evacuated afterward. Some reported seeing a person who appeared to be dead after two people got into a fight over a pair of Nike Jordans sneakers, though police have not yet confirmed any details about the shooting or potential injuries or deaths.

Several shoppers said that there was a loud argument just before the shooting. Shopper Adrian Matthews told WSB-TV that he heard the argument and gunshots, followed by "pure pandemonium" inside the shopping center as people scrambled to hide in stores. He described a number of people running to the back of a Bath and Body Works, hiding in a closet and employee break room.

It was not clear yet if anyone was hurt or killed in the shooting, but videos posted to social media show widespread panic in the wake of the gunfire. One video showed shoppers scrambling in all directions, some ducking underneath tables for cover. Those running included what appeared to be young children and elderly shoppers.

Another video appeared to capture the moment of the shooting, which came after people had already fled the area. A man recording the video asked people why they were running away, and a gunshot was then heard and the man explained that someone had just been shot in front of him. Security guards could be seen responding to the disturbance, but it was unclear who was doing the shooting.

As the Independent reported, some also described a terrifying scene where shoppers weren't sure if it was an active shooting. One person took to social media to say their sister called "to tell me she loved me" as she ran into an Apple Store and then escaped the mall through a back exit.

Other video taken outside the mall showed a heavy police presence, with yellow tape blocking the entrance to the mall.
Cobb County police said they were continuing to investigate the shooting, and have not yet named a suspect.

Cumberland Mall has made national news for shootings before, including a 2014 incident in which a man shot a woman in the parking lot during an argument.