Easy Way To Move Files From Computer To iPhone And iPad With Quik.io

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Quik.io is an app that makes it ridiculously easy to move files from a computer to iPhone and iPad, or from one iDevice to another.

You may do something similar with a service like Dropbox where files are stored in the could and shared between computers and mobile devices. Quik.io works kind of the same except that files aren’t stored in the cloud. They’re stored locally on a Mac or PC running Windows.

Here’s how it works:

Visit Quik.io on your computer to download and install the computer part of the app. Once it’s installed, sign up using Twitter, Facebook, or create a Quik.io account. Verify that account and then you’re on your way.

From the computer part of the app, pick the folders you want to share. By default, it already has Documents, Music, Pictures, and Movies folders selected. If your files are stored there, you’re good to go. If not, you can delete those folders and add the ones with the media you want to share with iPhone and iPad.

Go to the iTunes App Store and download Quik.io. There’s a different version for iPhone than iPad.

As I’m writing this Quik.io is indexing 17,192 files that I have stored on a Drobo. That is one of the things that makes Quik.io such a great app. You can move files from your computer to your iDevices, but you can also just stream them. Since the file isn’t going through the Internet, it’s very fast.

Quik.io also transcodes video files that aren’t iPad or iPhone compatible in real time! Looking through files indexed so far, I saw an avi file, clicked it and it immediately started playing on iPad.

Quik.io also supports AirPlay for sending video to Apple.TV. If you have files stored on more than one computer, you can share files from all of them.

Quikio is the best solution for moving files from computer to iPhone

Quik.io is FREE for a limited time, go grab a copy and then share a link to this article if you love it as much as I do.