WWE News: Superstar Reveals Truth About Injury Keeping Him Out Of The Ring

A number of superstars have been missing from WWE television lately while dealing with injuries, however, one star's absence is very noticeable. Braun Strowman's absence on Friday Night SmackDown has been rather difficult not to notice.

While WWE does it's best to keep fans up to date with injuries, and offered that it is a "sore hip" keeping Strowman off the TV and out of the ring. The statement, however, didn't stop rumors from going around. Some of the gossip included comments that he was suffering from back spasms that caused him to be pulled from live events and not be cleared for action.

The speculation as to what's been going on with him may not seem concerning since these reports are not always about legit injuries, but are there simply for storyline purposes, this is not one of those instances. Wrestling Inc. has reported that it appeared that a back problem is indeed the real injury for Strowman. The injury was also confirmed by the big man himself who has revealed the injury that is keeping him out of the ring in a new Instagram post.

Strowman posted a photo on Saturday where his caption, whether by accident or on purpose, revealed his true injury. While the big man didn't go into much detail, he did say he was "nursing this old back of mine," and that he was looking for someone to make him laugh since he was bored.

The injury doesn't seem to be a laughing matter at all though, especially for WWE fans. The situation actually led to an angle being canceled from last week's Friday Night SmackDown. In turn, the cancellation of that angle being shot also led to a title match being taken off of the card for this Sunday's bout on TLC.

The angle that was meant to take place on last week's SmackDown was one with Shinsuke Nakamura. It was set to lead to a program between the two superstars and go into a match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship, but it had to be scrapped entirely due to the injury.

With the injury not allowing Strowman to be cleared for in-ring action, neither he nor Nakamura is scheduled for TLC on Sunday.

There is no word on how long Braun Strowman will be out of the ring due to the back injury, but it doesn't appear to be a long term injury.