Jordan Wiseley Talks Bittersweet 'Challenge' Victory And If He'll Come Back To The Show

The Challenge star Jordan Wiseley is fresh off his third final victory and is discussing the events of Season 34 and his future on the show. War of the Worlds 2 marked the fourth final appearance from Jordan and his third win, netting him a total of $833,000 in prize money. His last three victories were in consecutive seasons, and his only Challenge appearance where he didn't see a final was in Season 25, Free Agents. Many fans are wondering if he will continue to appear on the show moving forward, and he dished on his future with The Hollywood Life.

It looks like Jordan isn't going anywhere when it comes to The Challenge.

"Tori and I sat down and talked about it and we feel like our bodies feel really good. We feel mentally there. We feel very strong in our relationship, too. I think that's one of the hardest things about doing a Challenge — the strain it puts on a relationship. But we feel really good. I imagine we go after a couple more checks. We'll definitely be planning the wedding in between, too. I just won my third consecutive challenge, so I feel like I can talk some trash for a while now and be covered as a triple champ."
Jordan then admitted that his goal on The Challenge moving forward is to get Tori her first final victory. War of the Worlds 2 was Tori's third appearance on a Challenge and she has made the final in two of them. The former Are You the One? star was close to winning the final on Season 34 but was purged last minute during an individual puzzle, cutting her from Team U.K. It was hard for Jordan to leave his fianceé after he finished his own puzzle, but he had to continue on to ensure he could win the final for the both of them.

Jordan discussed his bittersweet victory without Tori and admitted he thought she had a chance to win at first. According to the champ, he believed Tori was still battling it out against Dee Ngyuen in the puzzle purge, but when he made it to the beach, he realized Dee had already finished, and his heart sank. Jordan also revealed that he offered his spot to Tori, but she felt Jordan had a better chance of helping the team achieve victory, which he inevitably did.

The pair will be back in the future and are confirmed to appear on Season 35 of The Challenge which is currently filming.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 reunion begins this Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.