Strongsville Teachers Strike Week Three: No Negotiations Planned

strongsville education association

Strongsville, OH – The Strongsville teachers strike entered week three on Monday. Union leaders and a federal mediator met in a closed door session on Sunday. After spending more than four hours discussing the Ohio teachers strike, no agreement was reached. No new contract negotiations talks have been scheduled.

The Strongsville Board of Education was reportedly hoping for a counter proposal to their last offer, but none was forthcoming. Teachers were back on the picket lines in front of school buildings on Monday morning. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a group of parents and community members organized a strike counter-protest on Friday afternoon.

The Sunday meeting was the first time negotiation teams got together. Strongsville Board of Education President David Frazee stated after the gathering that the team would keep the community informed throughout the strike mediation process.

Strongsville Education Association President Tracy Linscott feels the federal mediator scheduled the strike negotiations meeting out of frustration. Linscott also said, “The board is saying they want to bargain, but there’s no bargaining going on because their team can’t make a decision without the board approving it.”

All official actions on any matter always requires board of education approval in Ohio. The Strongsville Education Association also stated that the board of education cannot be trusted, but did not elaborate about what led her to such a conclusion.

Two Strongsville school trips have been cancelled because of the ongoing teachers strike. Chaperones for the previously planned trips were primarily comprised of board of education members and teachers. Students had been planning to visit both Chicago and Honduras on extended educational field trips.

The district is currently attempting to bring back some elective courses and student activities which were hampered by the teachers strike. Additional substitutes are also reportedly coming into the Strongsville school district.

A release from the Strongsville district noted that the high school would be holding a full day of classes and offering instruction beyond the standard core courses beginning this week. There are now more than 250 substitute teachers available to teach electives like music and art.


The North Eastern Ohio Education Association office was reportedly vandalized sometime after a Strongsville Education Association press conference on Saturday. Ohio Revised Code allows strike disputes to be settled via binding arbitration, but both sides would have to agree to enter into arbitration before such a settlement could occur.

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