Thief Returns Money After 30 Years

Thief Returns Money Stolen 30 Years Ago

A thief has returned money after 30 years, including interest. The anonymous man confessed to stealing $800 from a Michigan convenience store in the 1980’s.

The man mailed a letter to the Barry County sheriff’s department and a local news station in an effort to track down the previous owner of the Middle Mart in Thornapple Township. The envelope sent to the sheriff’s department contained $1200 cash, but the author of the letter did not include his name or address.

As reported by the Huffington Post, the letter contained an apology and requested help finding the previous store owner. The man described breaking into the store and stated that he was a “foolish stupid man.” He expressed feeling tremendous guilt about the theft.

After searching for some time, he was reportedly unable to find the store owner as the building had been sold several times. He still didn’t feel right about what he had done and decided to get some help from the local sheriff.

Authorities were eventually able to locate and contact the previous store owner. He reportedly told police that he was shocked but happy to have the money returned after 30 years. He confirmed that his store was indeed broken into in the 1980s but offered no further comment.

As reported by Fox News, Undersheriff Bob Baker feel that the anonymous man has made amends for his crime. Baker pointed out that even if his identity had been revealed, the statute of limitations has expired. Additionally, he stated that he thought the man had suffered enough. They are not interested in revealing his identity.


30 years later, burglar repays money

Although the man confessed to breaking into the convenience store, he made every possible effort to make up for his crime by returning the money after 30 years. He has expressed remorse and apologized for the crime that has filled him with guilt for over three decades.

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