December 14, 2019
'Teen Mom 2' Star Kailyn Lowry Debuts Hot New Hair Color And Fans Love It

Kailyn Lowry surprised her fans on Friday night when she showed off her hot new hair color. Fans of the mom-of-three have been used to seeing her as a blonde bombshell for several years, but she recently showed off a darker brown hue. Now, she is showing off an even darker hue hair color and fans love it.

Taking to Instagram, Kailyn posted a photo of her new hair color. In the photo, she is wearing a black shirt with a white sweater over top. She is wearing her glasses as she looks down instead of at the camera. Her hair is worn down and with some curl in it. The shade is darker than the color that she showed off two months ago. At the time, she revealed that she wanted to go even darker.

The picture showing off Kailyn's hair color has been liked by over 77,000 of her followers and plenty of fans chimed in to let the mom-of-three know they were loving her new style.

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Kayla Sessler commented saying, "I love this color on you."

"this change sits on you so well," another commenter wrote on the picture.

One fan chimed in and said, "Wow, I really like this color blend!"

Kailyn then chimed in and thanked everyone for their positive comments. It sounds like Kailyn is happy with her hot new hair color and fans are loving it, too! It is definitely a different shade than fans are used to seeing her with, but there is no doubt that Kailyn is rocking her new dark hair.

While at the Teen Mom 2 reunion back in October, Kailyn posed alongside her BFF Leah Messer. Both Kailyn and Leah have rocked blonde hair colors over the past decade, but recently both have decided to go darker with their hair colors. Kailyn posted a photo of herself to Instagram while at the reunion and both she and Leah had darker hair.

Comparing Kail's hair color from October to her newest picture, the change is subtle yet noticeably darker. In the past, Kail revealed she wanted to go darker and it looks like she has. She didn't reveal if this is as dark as she plans to go or if she plans to go even darker in the future.

Kailyn Lowry looks great with her new hair color and it sounds like her fans agree!