Rosanna Arkle Bends Over In Thong Bikini, Exposes Sandy Backside

Blond bombshell Rosanna Arkle took to Instagram on Friday to show off a natural addition to one of her skimpy beach ensembles: bright white sand.

In her latest Instagram upload, the Australian social media sensation was pictured rocking a dark teal bikini. Her two-piece was a Myra Swim design that included a structured, bra-style top with underwire and padding. She was also wearing a pair of high-cut thong bottoms with thick side straps. The slightly sporty garment offered minimal coverage, putting Rosanna's peachy backside on full display.

The gorgeous 31-year-old glamour model was posing with her back to the camera, revealing that her sizable derriere and her shapely thighs were dusted with sand. The pale color of the gritty granules was striking against her sun-kissed skin. However, while Rosanna's tan might already be deep, she revealed that she wants to spend even more time in the sun. In the caption of her post, she wrote that she's ready to get back to her "sun worshipping rituals."

Rosanna almost appeared to be worshiping the sun in her photo. She was kneeling down with her hands in the sand and bending her head forward, showcasing her sculpted back and shoulders. Her beachy blond waves hung down in front of her, lightly brushing the sand. Rosanna's face wasn't visible in the stunning snapshot. However, she recently shared a photo that was seemingly taken during the same day at the beach that provided an up-close view of her beauty look and the top of her swimsuit.

The background of The GC star's seaside photo shoot included gently rolling aqua waves and a bright blue sky painted with a few white clouds.

So far, Rosanna's striking photo and her cheeky caption have helped her score over 45,000 likes from her 4.9 million Instagram followers. Her post also received hundreds of comments from her admirers, including a Spongebob Squarepants joke that referenced the animated yellow sponge's squirrel friend and the name of his undersea home.

"Sandy Cheeks like Bikini bottom," quipped one fan.

"Please god let it be sunny every day. Absolutely beautiful," read another response to Rosanna's photo.

One of the blond beach bunny's followers offered a suggestion for how she could make use of the sand stuck to her skin.

"Nice bit of exfoliating," the commenter wrote.

Another fan advised the model to wear SPF, and she responded by saying that she does make sure to apply sunscreen before her sun-worshiping sessions. However, she only uses it on her face and chest.

Rosanna also answered a question about what the tattooed words on her side say. She revealed that her body ink reads, "Everything happens for a reason."