Erika Gray Flaunts Underboob & Poses On Her Knees

Erika Gray shared a sizzling new Instagram photo today. It showed her flaunting her underboob while posing on her kneees.

The ensemble that she wore was all about the leopard print. It included an animal-print crop top, along with a scandalous swimsuit that was mostly made up of straps. The top had sleeves and a basic crew neckline, but it was so small that her chest was left partially exposed. Plus, the swimsuit that she wore underneath was very racy, considering that it left little to the imagination. Straps wrapped under her chest and around her waist. Plus, a couple of straps made up the bottom portion, which framed her bellybutton.

The model posed in front of a blank wall. She was seen tugging at a piece of her hair with her hand, which she pulled back into a casual ponytail. Long tendrils framed her face, while her makeup popped. Her look included dark lashes and heavy blush. Plus, she added dabs of silver shadow on her inner eyelid corners, which seemed to glow in the light. Erika also sported glossy lipstick. Her accessories included large, thin hoop earrings and a short necklace.

She glanced at the camera while tilting her head to the left and gave a coy expression. She placed her right hand on her thighs, revealing her silver manicure. Plus, the stunner's butterfly tattoo could be seen.

The room she was in was brightly lit, with a beam shining on the bombshell from the right side of the frame.

Fans left their compliments in the comments section, with many people talking about Erika's good looks.

"I like your body and your face," wrote a follower.

"Good morning Goddess!" exclaimed an admirer.

"#wildlifephotography#PureSensuality #sexySaturday," noted a fan.

However, one person had a small complaint to make.

"You don't look happy about your fave swimwear..." they observed.

"I am haha i Just dont like smiling on pics haha," responded the model.

Previously, the Brazilian hottie shared another update where she rocked a hot pink bikini. The video showed her in a floral top with the strap tied in a unique way. Instead of tying the string behind her neck, she opted to cross it in front of her neck first. This meant that the top was especially low on her chest, and she accessorized that look with pink-tinted sunglasses. Erika wore her hair down as she got flirty outdoors.