Megyn Kelly Says 'Bombshell' Poster With Charlize Theron 'Confused' Her Son, Shares Thoughts On The Movie

Charlize Theron's physical transformation into former Fox News host Megyn Kelly in the movie Bombshell has wowed many fans of the Oscar-winning actress. However, according to Megyn, it simply "confused" her 6-year-old son.

On Friday, Megyn took to Instagram to share a photo of her son, Thatcher, standing in front of a Bombshell poster inside a movie theater. The artwork included a closeup shot of Charlize in character as Megyn, along with photos of her co-stars -- Nicole Kidman as former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson and Margot Robbie as a fictional associate producer at the network. In a true testament to the incredible job that the Bombshell makeup team did in making Charlize look like Megyn, the news journalist revealed that her son was having a hard time discerning reality from fiction.

"The ad confused him because it appears to show a picture of me," Megyn wrote of the Bombshell poster.

She also revealed that her family was not at the theater to watch the movie about the allegations of sexual assault that brought down former Fox News chief executive and chairman Roger Ailes; they were there to see Frozen 2. However, Megyn has seen Bombshell, and she shared a few initial thoughts about the movie and her characterization in it.

While Charlize might look uncannily like Megyn in the movie, the talk show host hinted that Bombshell got a few things wrong about her that go beyond the way she's physically portrayed. Megyn revealed that she didn't get a first look at the film until it was impossible to make any edits to it, but she wrote that there were "certainly some I would have made."

According to The Daily Beast, one of the events that Bombshell portrays is Megyn getting violently ill the day of a Republican primary debate. The movie insinuates that her coffee was poisoned by someone associated with future President Donald Trump, who was feuding with Megyn at the time. The movie also references Megyn's on-air argument that Santa Claus can't be black.

While Megyn had some issues with the film's writing, she revealed that the movie did have a profound emotional impact on her as far as its subject matter was concerned. The film's main focus is the sexual harassment that was allegedly pervasive at her former place of employment and the women who decided to do something about it by speaking out. Megyn also noted that sexual harassment is a serious problem in America, and "it can leave scars that do not heal."

"My heart goes out to those who've gone through it, who I hope might find some comfort in this story," Megyn wrote.

Megyn also revealed that she'll share more of her thoughts about Bombshell soon.