Yanita Yancheva Leaves Little To The Imagination In 'Duct Tape Banana' Bikini

Yanita Yancheva got a little flirty at the expense of art in her latest Instagram update on Saturday. The beauty poked fun at a piece of artwork that sold for $120,000 at Miami's Art Basel show last week. The art? A banana duct-taped to a wall.

Yanita put her own sexy spin on the idea of duct-taping a banana to something and used her fabulous body in the process. The stunner secured a banana between her breasts with a single strip of duct tape. The tape, which went across the center of her breasts, carefully covered her nipples and little else, showing off plenty of underboob.

The model's bikini bottoms also looked to be made of duct tape wrapped around her hips. Yanita wore a pair of gray sweatpants, which she playfully pulled down to reveal the unique design.

The blond bombshell struck a pose with one hip cocked to the side, showing off her chiseled abs and the curve of her hip. The pose also highlighted her hourglass shape. The beauty held up one hand in a "hook 'em horns" hand symbol as she stuck out her tongue in a flirty fashion.

Yanita was standing inside near what appeared to be a mirrored wall. Her hair was parted down the middle and hung down straight. She went with a light application of makeup and sported a black color on her nails. Her only accessory was a dainty bracelet.

Her update consisted of two photos. One showed her modeling the bikini and the other showed a picture of a banana taped to a wall.

In the caption, she mentioned the banana art and explained her own take on it, and jokingly said that bidding on the bikini started at $120,000.

As expected, her fans loved seeing her in the one-of-a-kind ensemble and had plenty to say about it.

"This is ART!" one fan wrote.

"Just started to appreciate art," joked a second follower.

"Can't put a price on that," quipped a third admirer.

"I think this banana is worth far more than the one on the wall," a fourth follower said.

Many followers were concerned with how painful it might have been to remove the tape, but Yanita said in the comments that it wasn't painful at all.

Yanita definitely has her own sense of style. Most of the time, she chooses to showcase her incredible figure in more conventional, but very sexy, outfits. Just yesterday she wowed her fans in a skimpy bikini.