Tana Mongeau Addresses Rumors That She’s Dating Noah Cyrus In New Interview

Rich Fury, Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Tana Mongeau has confirmed that she is not dating Noah Cyrus. The YouTube superstar cleared up the rumor during an interview at The Streamy Awards on Friday with Entertainment Tonight.

“There is no tea. Like, that is the tea on that,” she confirmed.

“I literally just like to spend time with her and care about her. Everything else just kind of makes it a mess.”

Noah Cyrus also seemed to address the rumors that she’s dating Tana when she wrote “Guysssss. we are FRIENDS. relaxxxxxxxxx,” in a recent Instagram story, ET also reported.

After she made it clear that there’s nothing romantic going on between them, Tana gushed over their friendship, revealing that she admired Noah from afar before they met each other.

“I just love being around Noah,” Tana said.

“There’s something about her, even before I knew her, that has always inspired me. She’s so real, she’s so raw.

During the interview, Tana acknowledged that she likely started the dating speculation with a title that she gave to one of her videos that features Noah. As ET notes the name of the video was “I Took My Girlfriend’s Phone And Flirted With My Best Friend. Prank????” In the clip, Tana took Noah’s phone to impersonate her as she sent romantic messages to their mutual friend Imari while the singer sat next to her. The seemingly casual inclusion of the word “girlfriend” in the title got the rumor mill going but it looks like there isn’t any substance to the speculation.

It appears that Tana has removed the video from her channel. A search of the video-sharing platform reveals that it has been re-uploaded to a Tana Mongeau fan account with 2 million subscribers.

Tana may have been trolling her subscribers with the title since the rumors that she’s dating Noah have been around since September. Tana’s husband, fellow YouTube personality Jake Paul, discussed her and Noah’s flirty Instagram interactions in an interview with ET Live. During the chat, he confirmed that they are in an open marriage and that he believed Noah wanted to “hook up” with his wife.

Back in October, Noah popped up in a photo series on Tana’s Instagram page. In the series, the two seemed very comfortable with one another. In the first photo, they simultaneously bit into opposite ends of a very long churro. In the second Noah’s hand was on Tana’s thigh and the third pictured them in the bathroom together while Noah sat on the toilet.