Chicken Lays Giant Egg Weighing Half A Pound, But It’s Not A World Record?

Chicken Lays Giant Egg Weighing Half A Pound, But It's Not A Record?

As a chicken lays a giant egg weighing around half a pound, or 8 ounces, some people are probably wondering whether that’s a world record of sort. Well, it turns out this Chinese chicken’s giant egg does not compare to the behemoth laid by another chicken from England.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the “miracle” chicken laid a giant egg in a Chinese farm. As the chicken lays the giant egg, which was about three times the normal size, villagers are watching with a video camera. The giant egg was so large that they “thought the hen was dying.”

When they cracked the giant egg open, they found a double egg, with one egg inside the other. The farm owner claims that the chicken’s diet of rice is what makes the difference in the size of the eggs.

The world record for the chicken that laid the giant egg is actually named Matilda the chicken. Back in 2010, this chicken native of Ipswich, England laid an egg 3.5 inches high and 8.3 inches around according to a Guinness World Records spokesman:

“The largest hen egg was a five-yolked egg measuring [12.2 inches] around the long axis, [9 inches] around the short and weighing nearly [12 ounces]. It was laid by a Black Minorca at Mr. Stafford’s Damsteads Farm, Mellor, Lancs [England] in 1896.”

Guinness, who created the new World’s Largest Chicken Egg category for the event, have continued to seek eggs that may be larger. Another potential contender was a chicken who laid a giant egg the size of a rugby ball, but that was only 6.2 ounces. So Matilda the chicken’s giant egg continues to reign supreme.